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What if you could determine whether your boyfriend could offer you endless joy?In dating, it’s normal to wonder if someone is right for you.

Theories of relationship development are discussed, as is research on mate choice and marriage in both the United States and around the world. Her research interests are in the areas of close relationships and human sexuality, with an emphasis on passionate love, sexual desire, and mate preference. She is the coauthor, with Ellen Berscheid, of Lust: What We Know About Human Sexual Desire (Sage Series on Close Relationships, 1999).I really enjoyed this - it read well, explained psychological aspects clearly for a layperson (yet wasn't dumbed down to the 'pop psych' level) and has a great bibliography (and each chapter is ... Pamela Regan is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Relations Lab at California State University, Los Angeles. Another part of you wants to walk away before you make a mess of things.Before you do anything, throw away the books of rules and stop asking others for advice.

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