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8 from District Attorney Charme Allen declining to prosecute.The files show that the woman underwent a rape exam on Sept. A bill stalled in the Senate's Rules Committee would change that. — A North Carolina woman feels rejected by a decades-old North Carolina law that rules a person can't be charged with rape even if the other person revokes consent during sex.The police file released by the Knoxville Police Department on Monday documents a three-month investigation into an alleged assault on Sept.20 and includes interviews with the woman and witnesses who reported the alleged assault, emails from the woman requesting updates in her case, the results of a DNA test that showed no evidence of semen or other identifying matches to the accused player, and an email on Dec.In a article published this week, 19-year-old Aaliyah Palmer says she was the victim of a sex crime back in January.

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He died at the scene."Our Law Enforcement Integrity Unit reviewed the incident and it was closed May 9," said Jennifer Saucedo Rodriguez, a media liaison for the DA's Office.

And one of the plaintiffs is a former roommate of a woman who reported being sexually assaulted who said she felt forced to leave the school after intimidation by football players.

In at least five cases, the university's own disciplinary process found, by a preponderance of evidence, that athletes referenced in the lawsuit had violated student codes of conduct by engaging in non-consensual sex, according to the lawsuit.

WALWORTH COUNTY -- No charges will be filed against a deputy and police officer that were involved in an officer-involved shooting in Walworth County.

The two were cleared after fatally shooting a man they thought was armed with a deadly weapon in Walworth County in February. According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Walworth County District Attorney determined Friday, May 5th no charges will be issued against Deputy Jesse Smith and Officer Robert Rayfield.

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