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Both groups are known for great hospitality and appreciate casual, direct, and a blunt way of speaking.Moreover, cultural differences are of importance to discuss when doing business in Russia or just communicating between the two groups.With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine inherited the program.

4 October 1957: Sputnik I was launched by the Soviet Union from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, becoming the first artificial satellite to be put into Earth's orbit, and kicking off the space race in earnest.“Unfortunately it is a fact,” said Dr Tereshkova, 78. I had my toothpaste, and I had my hand, and I had water.” She also revealed how after entering orbit she quickly realised that her spacecraft – the Vostok 6 – had an error in the control programme which would have seen it travelling further away from Earth on the journey home rather than descending.“The missing toothbrush was nothing compared with the fact that the spacecraft was orientated to ascend not descend,” she said. Astronauts in Good Health Miss Savitskaya and her partner worked ''concertedly and confidently,'' Tass said, adding, ''The health of the cosmonauts is good.'' The official Soviet press agency reported that Miss Savitskaya's ''successful performance of unique experiments in conditions of outer space has vividly shown a possibility of women's effective activity in the performance of complex research work, not only aboard manned orbital complexes but in open space as well.'' Tass said her work in the space walk involved ''cutting, welding and soldering on metal plates and spraying of coating'' while Mr. In June 1983, she became the first American woman to fly in space.

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