Professional thai dating

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Thai Personal Connections ltd is now the best and the biggest Thai Marriage agency having been dedicated to providing high quality services at low costs by professional and committed staff to our customers for the last 7 years.

I believe in being as honest as I can, as compa My real name is Kannapat 52 years old.We have built a company based on honesty, reputation and quality, not profit!Core to our business is connecting people in love, marriage, property and visas all of which are very important to you and above all personal.So much of the internet’s discussion of Thailand focuses on bar girls and the sex scenes in various parts of the country (Pattaya and Kho San Road foremost among them) that we feel it is our duty to talk about lives that are more conventional by Western standards, and are more stable and long-term.There are hundreds of websites out there celebrating the kinky glory of Thai bar girls, but this isn’t one of them. Your race played a huge part in your upbringing and how you continue to see the world.

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