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The Navarre Beach Live HD Zoom Cam has been awarded as one of the top webcams in the world.The award’s criteria used for judging included image quality, uniqueness of the content, and overall technical achievement in webcam technology.

) I find that what works best is a small light camera with auto focus and romote scoot it along the ground until its in position and fire away!

Our Cam has amused, amazed and astounded people all over the world.

Come vacation at Florida’s Playground…Navarre Beach, Florida! Donations are greatly appreciated to support the Navarre Beach Live HD Zoom Cam and the Navarre Beach Skyline Cam costs for high-speed internet, streaming video hosting and other ongoing monthly operating costs.

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I really need something that will impress the girls. "Plonker" Archived from groups: (More info? ) and now for a serious answer (tho i doubt it was a serious question) It doesnt really matter - get something with connection to external flash - like a PC synce socker or a hotshoe - that way you can connect to studio flash I've used 3 different Olympus 7XX uz cameras to produce the images (nude and otherwise) on my site - i like Olympus - but its 'horses for courses.' Rich "Jim" I really need something that will impress the girls. West Australia 6076 vms,- The Older, Grumpier Slashdot Raw, Cooked or Well-done, it's all half baked.

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