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Its non porous surface makes enamel very hygienic and is free of chemicals of any kind.

But there are so many things about it that are appealing, at least conceptually: cute little canvas tents, a crackling fire, lots of plaid, the stars. But one of the good things I do recall about the few times I went camping is my little set of enameled bowls, plates and cookware.

Odgers and Mc Clelland Exchange Stores has one of the broadest ranges of Falcon enamelware available in Australia.

The current owners, started selling enamelware around 2002, based on the heritage of the store. Kleiner & Sons sold all their shares to their Hong Kong partner including the Falcon brand.

But then I remember that camping occurs outside, and that my notions of camping are roundly betrayed by my actual lived experiences. There is weather to contend with, there is no running water, there is soil and there are unknown plants. They were easy to clean, light to carry, durable and cute. And so, all these years later, I’m still drawn to enamel like a proverbial moth to a proverbial campfire (except my love of enamel hasn’t incinerated my body . The problem with vintage enamel, however, is that it’s often disgusting.

Riess cookware consists of four coats of porcelain enamel applied to a steel core.View full product details » At last the traditional enamel bread bin is available again.Made by Falcon enamelware, the bread bin with handles in white and blue lettering and rim, is available in small... View full product details » This Falcon enamel square cake tin is a beautiful conductor of heat, resulting in a pleasing cake texture.We’ve always been fans of classic, well-made goods for the home that have stood the test of time.We’ve recently been restocked on two brands that we’ve carried since the shop opened – Riess Enamelware and Bauer Pottery – and a new edition to our collection, Fog Linenworks. Riess is an Austrian based company that has roots dating back to 1550.

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